wk9 pre-presentation questions

In the video, Bogost doesn’t like how we use the word “fun” carelessly. Why, and what’s his suggestion for what the word should describe?
What do you find the most significant or surprising thing from either of the fake news article?

Write down your answers and where from the readings you came up with those answers.

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wk9 pre-presentation questions
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Here is reading!!!!!

Bogost, Ian. (2013). Persuasive games. UX Week 2013 .

Bogost, Ian. (Aug 11, 2011). Gamification is bullshit. The Atlantic. 

Silverman, Craig, & Alexander, Lawrence. (Nov 3, 2016). How teens in the Balkans are duping Trump supporters with fake news. BuzzFeed News.

Meyer, Robinson. (Mar 8, 2018). The grim conclusions of the largest-ever study of fake ne ws. The Atlantic. 

Starbird, Kate. (Mar 8, 2020). Reflecting on the Covid-19 Infodemic as a Crisis Intervention Researcher. Medium.

Waddell, Kaveh. (Mar 11, 2020). Fight against coronavirus misinformation shows what big tech can do when it really tries. Consumer Reports. 
Further reading / watching:

How Russian bots invade our elections. The New York Times .
How Russian trolls operate. act.tv .
Evaluating Information guide from UW Libraries
Inside the fake news factory of Macedonia .

Be wary of those texts from a friend of a friend’s aunt. The New York Times.


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