World History Study Guide

2. Please explain how the Aryan invaders in India tried to assimilate the Harappan population that they had conquered. Please explain why these methods later promoted the political stability and social stability of India, as well as allowing growth in the number people who were Hindus.

3. Please define the Mandate of Heaven political philosophy in the Ancient and Medieval Chinese Empire.

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World History Study Guide
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4. Please evaluate the argument that the Chou (also spelled Zhou) Dynasty in China was unsuccessful, despite its political, social, and technological innovations.

5. Please explain the most significant contribution of the Ancient Israelite Civilization to World History. In your answer, please do not discuss the Modern Era, and please be respectful of religious diversity.

6. Please explain why the city of Athens was intellectually innovative during the Ancient Classical Greek Civilization, and please briefly describe several specific Athenian innovations.

7. Please describe the origin of Buddhism, and please explain why Buddhism was not assimilated into Hinduism.

8. Please compare and contrast Confucianism, Taoism (also spelled Daoism), and Legalism. Please explain why an Ancient or Medieval Chinese person could be both a Confucianist and a Taoist at the same time.

9. Please evaluate the argument that Alexander the Great was lucky rather than smart.


 10. Please explain why the Ancient Roman Republic was transformed into an empire.

11. Please explain why the Western Roman Empire was unsuccessful, despite the reform efforts by Emperors Diocletian, Constantine, and Theodosius.

12. Please explain why there was political, religious, and social unrest in Ancient Palestine during the first century CE, and please explain how these situations affected Jesus. In your answer, please be respectful of religious diversity, and please do not discuss Modern or Medieval activities.

13. Please explain how and why the popularity of Christianity increased in the Ancient Roman Empire. In your answer, please be respectful of religious diversity.

14. Please explain the achievements of the Qin Dynasty in China, and please explain why the Han Dynasty was more successful than the Quin Dynasty.

15. Please explain the political and cultural changes that occurred when the French King Charlemagne transformed the European Dark Ages into the Carolingian Renaissance.

16. Please explain how the transformation from the Romanesque to Gothic cathedral styles is representative of the changes in the military history of Europe.

17. Please explain why the Scholastic Movement was innovative. In your answer, please define Scholasticism, and please be respectful of religious diversity.


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