World War 2

Parker, Second World War Ch. 2, “German Conquest of Poland, Norway, the Low Countries, and France,” pages 21–43; Ch. 3, “Britain Alone,” pages 44–59; and Ch. 4, “Operation BARBAROSSA: The German Attack on the Soviet Union,” pages 60–71

Essay 1:
Evaluate Hitler’s strategy from the invasion of Poland through the fall of France. What did he seek to accomplish? Why was he successful? Be sure to review his grand strategic vision and how each of the conflicts moved him further towards this goal. Also, carefully assess the relative strengths of the forces engaged, leadership miscues or miscalculations on the part of his opponents, and other aspects that contributed to his smashing string of victories in 1939-40.
Essay 2:
Evaluate Hitler’s planning and conduct of the campaigns against Great Britain and the USSR. As in Essay 1, give some thought to his strategic vision. What did he hope to accomplish? Where and why did he fail? Most important, what led him to open a “second front” against the USSR with Britain still active in the West? Review the relative strengths of the forces engaged in each campaign as well as their leadership. 

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World War 2
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Each Essay should be of 2-3 pages and no more than 3 pages double spaced.


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