World War I lecture Discussion Chapter 21 Submit Assignment

This week you will read about World War I and the discussion is related to events that occurred then that are relevant to today’s pandemic.
How WWI Changed America
The 1918–1919 Influenza Pandemic was one of the deadliest in history, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide and killing upwards of fifty million people. Occurring against and worsened by the global movements of World War I, the pandemic added to the devastation felt by communities worldwide.
Watch the video: (Links to an external site.)
Discussion Questions to answer after watching video, answer in complete sentences and then respond to one classmate’s response.  Remember to cite your evidence in your response.

During WWI, what was the role of media in encouraging or discouraging the spread of influenza? In your opinion, should this be known as the “Spanish Flu?”
How did WWI encourage the spread of the virus?
According to the video, how many lives are lost to the flu? Who were most likely to succumb to the disease?
Do you think that we can learn anything from the Influenza of 1918 to assist with todays pandemic COVID-19?

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World War I lecture Discussion Chapter 21 Submit Assignment
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