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3 pages double spaced exactly. Answer the questions in an organized and coherent way. Must refer back to appropriate laws.• Use headings and if appropriate, use sub-headings.• Write in full paragraphs.• Introduction and conclusion that reinstate or summarize the facts of the case are notrequired.• You are not required to use external sources.• You are required to refer to relevant legal tests, case law and legislation to support your arguments.• Be sure that you cite all sources used to avoid academic misconduct:• You don’t need follow a formally-recognized citation style, but to adequatelyidentify your sources (e.g. Doorey, p. 7; OLRA, s. 1; Honda v Keays).• It is not sufficient to simply list the sources at the end of your paper.• Whenever you cite or quote, please indicate the source at the end of your sentence in brackets or in a footnote.• A bibliography list is not required.

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