Choose one of the following writing exercises (A or B)
A: Memory vs. Imagination: A Past Infatuation from Childhood
This assignment delves into the concept of memory versus imagination. To do this, you are asked to write a description of your longest standing infatuation. Who or what did you love when you were younger? Were you transfixed by Garfield cartoons, Barney the Dinosaur, James Bond, or Britney Spears? Whatever it is, you are probably thinking of something terribly embarrassing. That’s your subject.
Please attempt to tackle this subject honestly. Don’t feign impartiality; don’t try to be cool. What did this person or trend mean to you? How did this transform your world as a young person?
Please write a free flowing description of this infatuation, attempting to spark your memory of that period in your life.
B: Your Life in 200 Words
Like Twitter, we are constantly attempting to express our thoughts in a short amount of characters. To challenge your abilities to expand upon this, you will be asked to detail your life in under 200 words. This is a subject that you know a good deal about, so you need to figure out the key points you’d like to focus on. Utilizing some drafting strategies, draft the story of your life that defines you in just 200 words. You are not allowed to go over!


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