Writing An IELTS Essay, 300 World In 60 Minutes

Hello there,

I have an writing exam in the next hour, and I need someone to write a 300 world Essay in 60 min.

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Writing An IELTS Essay, 300 World In 60 Minutes
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when the exam starts, then I will give you the topic, and i need it in 60 min.

I want like this form:

Introduction: (60 Words) 
General statement: ….has developed/has become… 
Background: (A little history about your topic)
One opinion is that…because 
Others might believe that… 
THESIS STATEMENT: Although there are many advantages/disadvantages to this statement, this essay will argue that…because… 
MAIN BODY 1: (80 words) (Opposite to your thesis statement) 
Point (Specific topic sentence) It may be true that…
Explain “If…it might lead to…”
Example 2 “Additionally,”
Explain 2  “If…it could”
Link “Therefore,….” 
Main body 2: (120 words): (Agrees with your thesis statement) 
P “On the other hand, it is claimed that…”
E  “For instance” BE SPECIFIC
E  “If…it may…
E  “What is more,”
E  “To give an example…” “If…it is possible that…”
L  “As a result…”
Conclusion: (40) 
In conclusion, this essay has argued that… 
This is due to…. 
If…it may lead to… 
Hopefully in the future, … 


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