Writing Assignment 6.1

 Look at these images of costumes from a theatre production: 
Now that you’ve looked at them, please write and tell me what you can determine about these characters BASED ONLY ON THE COSTUME.  Try not to use body language or facial expressions to back up your assumption–use costume clues only.  You can discuss things like the social or economic standing of these characters, their level of conservatism or flamboyance, who “goes together,” and what you think they might be like, but make sure that your assertions are based on what you see in the costumes.  (So even if you know information about the character because you know this play, don’t rely on what you know, but go by what the costume tells you.  Even if you know something about how the character changes in the film or play, DO NOT discuss those changes.  You are being asked to discuss ONLY what you can determine about the character from the costume!)  Remember that you can also include things like hairstyle, make-up, accessories, etc, because those things are part of the costume, too.  *Hint–you can easily and logically structure your essay by going through the objectives for the costume designer and addressing each one! 

Essays should be approximately 400-600 words and be written directly to Moodle by the due date.  You are welcome to return and re-edit your essay as often as you like up until the due date.  It is expected that all writing assignments will employ good grammar and thoughtful editing.  

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Writing Assignment 6.1
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