Writing assignment

Use glassdoor.com to read what employees are saying about a company of interest to you. What can you glean, if anything, about the ethical culture? What questions should you ask about the ethical culture if given the opportunity?
2) What do you think encourages an employee or an ex-employee to post a company review online
3) What kind of employee do you imagine posts company reviews: a happy employee? An unhappy one? a neutral one?
4) On a scale of 1-10 – 1 being not credible at all and 10 being highly credible – how believable or credible do you think glassdoor.com reviews are? Do you think they accurately reflect conditions at a company?
5) Do you think that glassdoor.com company reviews are as credible as consumer reviews on Amazon? Why or why not?
6) Name the company and would you work for the company? Why or why not

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Writing assignment
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