Writing Assignment – Report on Research Study #1

Report on the article by Boulding et al. Relationship between patient satisfaction with inpatient care and hospital readmission within 30 days. Am J Manag Care. 2011:17(1):41-48.

Read the article focusing on the first five key elements of the article described in the PPT Presentation 1.4 and the Guide to preparing a report of a published study, Part-I.
Write a report on the article in which you identify and describe the following key elements:

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Writing Assignment – Report on Research Study #1
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Background and need for the study.
Statement of the problem being studied.
Research questions or hypotheses.
Research method/design.
Population, sample, and participants.

In addition to your description of the five elements above, write a brief summary of the article (300 words or less) describing, in your own words, 1) the reason the study was conducted, 2) the key methods, 3) the main results, 4) the authors’ interpretation of the results, 5) a summary of the author’s discussion, and 6) your interpretation of  and the main results. Include an interpretation and discussion of the results. NB: this is an objective summary of the article; it is not an evaluation or critique of the published paper.


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