XL Effective Organization Case Study 1

Read the Coca-Cola Company case beginning on page 31 of Chapter. After reading the case, respond to the following questions in essay format: 

1. What factors contributed to making Coca-Cola such a strong global brand?

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XL Effective Organization Case Study 1
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2. How was Coca-Cola able to stay relevant for over 128 years?

3. Why did Coca-Cola change its product strategy after 50 years?

4. How is the beverage market in Mexico different from the United States?

5. How will Coca-Cola be able to increase beverage consumption in emerging markets such as China, India, and Russia? Should they focus more on local brands or try to increase consumption of their core products?

Prepare your responses in a Word document that is in essay format.  Do not simply list and answer the questions. 

Essay should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (APA format).



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