XL Effective Organization Case Study 2

Case Study #2

Read the Merck and River Blindness case beginning on page 63 of Chapter. After reading the case, respond to the following questions in essay format: 

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XL Effective Organization Case Study 2
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1. Why was Merck hesitant about developing a human version of Invermectin?

2. What would be the benefits and cost of developing a human version of Invermectin?

3. Why did Dr. P. Roy Vagelos and his team decide to develop a human version of Invermectin?

Prepare your responses in a Word document that is in essay format.  Do not simply list and answer the questions. 

Essay should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (APA format).

At least two references are required.  Please be sure to cite and reference in APA.



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