How it works

How it works

Enjoy guaranteed high-quality content written by professional essay writers at Writall. Get unique and personalized essays from us. The process of order placing is fast, secure, and confidential and will only take a few minutes of your time. Place your order immediately and your paper will be delivered on time ensuring you meet all your academic deadlines.

1. Fill in the order form.

The first step in order placing is filling the order form. To get to the order form, please press on terms such as “continue to order”, “order now”, “to the order form”, or “new order”. This will take you to the order form. When filling the order form, share as much information about your order as possible. Give us all order instructions plus any important materials from your lecturer that will help in processing your order.

After filling the order form, you will be requested to register on our website by creating an account with us. Registration is only done when you are a first time customer. During registration, you will share your email, phone number, and name with us. Your name or email will be used as your user name for your account on our website and you will be requested to create a strong password. Your phone number or email address will be used to contact you in case we need to pass information to you or clarify anything with you. It is thus important to ensure that the contact details you share with us are valid and working. 

2. Make payments for your order.

On submission of your order form, you will be expected to make payments for your order. Our payment system is secure and we accept payments through PayPal and all other major credit and debit cards. The processing of your order only begins as soon as you make payments and the payments are authorized. It is thus important for you to make payments as soon as possible to enable us to deliver your order on time. We are not responsible for the delivery of your order if payments have not been made in full and payment authorized. We do not save your payment details when you make payments so as not to risk exposing your personal details to third parties.

3. Order assigned to a writer.

Immediately the payment is made and authorized, your order is assigned to a writer who is experienced and has the necessary skills in the field of your assignment. Our team will go through your order instructions to determine who among our team of expert writers can handle the order. The writer assigned will start doing research as soon as possible. All our writers have great qualifications and thus you are assured of a high-quality paper.

4. The order is processed.

The writer assigned your order will do thorough research as per your assignment instructions. In case the writer has any questions, he/she can send you a message via the special massager on your personal order page. Our team can also contact you via the phone number or email address you have shared on your account.

You can have the right to track the progress of your order. The progress is indicated on your personal order page but if the progress is not updated often, do not hesitate to contact our support team for more information. This will ensure that everything happens as planned.

5. Editing.

We have employed professional editors who are responsible for editing all our papers. All our papers are edited then passed through a plagiarism detecting software. This ensures that the paper is original and error-free. The editor will go through the order to check for errors that might have been missed by the writer. He/she is also responsible for ensuring that all assignment instructions were carefully followed. In case of any mistakes, the editor can make the necessary amendments or recommend the paper for revision. After ensuring the paper is ready, it will be delivered to your personal order page.

6. Order delivered.

Once we are sure that your paper is of high quality and error-free, it is delivered to your personal order page. You are then sent an email notification so you can review and approve your order. Your order is uploaded as a pdf document.

7. Review your paper.

It is important to review your order before approving it. In case of any mistake or dissatisfaction do not hesitate to contact our support team to request a free revision. If you are satisfied with the uploaded document, approve the paper. Once the paper is approved, we will provide an MS word copy of the document which is editable and printable. After approving the order, you have 14 days to request a free revision where necessary.


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