Revision Policy

Revision Policy

At Writall, we aim at providing students with the best quality of academic papers. This will solve all your academic problems keep you on top of your class academically. We always try our best to ensure you are fully satisfied with the quality of the paper delivered to you. For this reason, we offer free revisions for all our orders if you are not fully satisfied with what is delivered. To get a free revision, your revision request must meet the following terms.

Consistent instructions. Your revision instructions must be consistent with your initial order instructions. Our Quality Assurance Department will review your free revision to ensure your revision instructions do not conflict with your initial order instructions. In case of a mismatch, your free revision request will be rejected and you will be requested to pay an additional fee for the order to be revised.

Proper revision request. To request for a revision, please press on the “set on revision” button on your personal order paper. You cannot request a revision via email or phone as you must use the special revision button on your personal order page. This should be followed by the revision instructions immediately your request is approved. 

14 days deadline. A free revision request should be sent within 14 days from the time your order is approved. If you fail to approve the paper within 14 days, it will be approved automatically by our system after which you only have 14 days to request a free revision. 

In a case where your order needs large changes, you might request the paper to be written from scratch. In this case, you will have to pay an extra fee which will depend on the number of changes expected. Please contact our support team to get the amount you should pay for your revision. This is also the case if you miss the 14-day deadline for a free revision request.

A 14-day revision deadline will not be enough for large orders such as dissertations and other orders that are subject to the progressive delivery feature. They are delivered in parts as each part is delivered upon completion. The writer starts working on the next part once the initial part has been approved. With such orders, a revision request should be sent within 21 days after the initial approval.

If a writer needs more time to revise your order, the revision deadline will be extended if the time you paid for allows the extension. When setting a revision deadline, please ensure you give the writer enough time to work on your order.

You have the right to request to have a different writer revise your paper. In this case, you might have to extend the revision deadline with up to 12 hours. This will give us enough time to find another writer who has the skills and qualifications to revise your paper.


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