Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Plagiarism Free Guarantee

We are very committed to providing plagiarism-free content to all our customers. By placing your order with Writall, you are assured of a plagiarism-free essay. All our papers are written from scratch and per customer’s specific instructions.

What measures do we take to ensure your paper is original?

We have developed several measure to ensure that all our papers are original and have been written from scratch. They are as follows.

1. All our papers are passed through a plagiarism checker.

We do trust our writers and the content they produce but we never leave space for any possible mistakes. Although our writers are highly trained with great skills, we do not rely on their promise to deliver original and high-quality papers. For this reason, all our papers are passed through our internal plagiarism checker software. We ensure that all our papers pass through this software before being delivered to our clients. Upon checking for plagiarism, these documents are not saved in any online database and thus you are free to re-check the paper for plagiarism. If we find plagiarism in any of our orders, the writer responsible must face disciplinary action while some end up even being fired.

2. Our papers are delivered securely. 

To ensure that all orders reach our clients without getting to the hands of any third parties, we use a secure delivery channel. All our orders are uploaded on your personal order page upon completion. This is very secure as no one can access your personal order page unless they have access to your username and password. This is why you are always warned against sharing your account details especially the password with any third party.

3. We do not double use our papers.

At Writall, we do not have a database for storing pre-written papers. This means that once the order is delivered to a client, it cannot be in processing another order. This means that even if we get similar orders they will be researched and written independently. Both orders will be written from scratch by different but highly skilled writers. 

4. The sources used are properly cited. 

Our expert academic writers are highly trained in citing and references styles. This means all sources use in processing your essay will be cited using the citation method of your choice or per the order instructions. Our writers can employ the different formatting styles which include MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago as per your order instructions. When filling the order form you can specify on the number of sources and paper format which will be followed strictly. 

5. We have a solution if your paper is plagiarized. 

If you find out that the order delivered was plagiarized, do not hesitate to contact our support team through any of the available modes of communication. This happens in very rare cases but we have to be ready for anything. You can contact us through live chat, call, and email address or via your personal order page. You will be requested to give evidence that your paper was plagiarized. With the evidence, your paper will be written from scratch or edited depending on the amount of plagiarized content.

What does our plagiarism checker software do?

  1. It can identify parts of a text that have been copied directly from internet sources.
  2. It can point out changes made to sentence structure and word order in a sentence.
  3. Identify the use of synonyms in an attempt to hide plagiarism.
  4. Identify the change of sentence from active to passive voice in an attempt to hide plagiarism.

If you face any challenges or if you realize certain mistakes on your order, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are available 24/7 which means all your academic problems and challenges will be solved on time. Contact us NOW and you will never regret the decision you make of entrusting us with your academic burden. 


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